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George Sadler 29925 Hampshires War Diary translate?


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Hi all

I've got the War Diaries for my Great Grandfathers regiment, the Hampshires for 1915-1919.

However, as expected, it's mostly handwritten and I do not have an eye for translating it.

Does anybody have this skill that can help me please, even only a bit so I get an idea what they were doing?

Thank you.


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If you post an example I am sure it can be transcribed . Once you see the transcription you will probably be able to read the rest yourself.

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Thanks Johnboy.

I'll try and post a page later on, that's a great idea. I've got other War Diaries and I was having a nightmare reading those too.

I had a helping hand transcribing from another member if I sent them the diaries they required to save the buying them. I was hoping somebody could help in a similar way.

As I say I'll get a page loaded in a while. Just getting ready for work so will see what I can do in a bit.

Thanks for replying. Always appreciated.


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