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border regiment at bottom wood 3/07/1916


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we are visiting the western front in early july as my girlfriends great uncle was killed in bottom wood on the 3rd july she would like to visit there .Just to make sure we get the right place does anyone have any info on this please.cheers

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hi yes he was with the 7th bn name Harry Aspey 11788 from Wigan killed at bottom wood on the 3/6/1916 mentioned on Thiepval.We wanted to visit bottom wood on the 3rd just wondered if accessto the wood is possible ?

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Yes access to wood is easy.


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What's happened to the Border Regiment website at Border-regiment.co.UK ??

It is showing 'account suspended' which is a rather a shame



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Hi Graeme, Trucker

The Border Regiment Forum is alive and well on border-regiment-forum.com. I believe the change of address came about from a change of server.

I don't think that there is a transcription of the 7th Battalion War Diary on this site but there is a short description on the attack on Bottom Wood in Wylly's The Border Regiment in the Great War, p.83 .

Trucker, if you would like a copy of this page, PM me with your email address and I'll scan it for you.

Cheers, Pete

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