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Edited 09.13 AM AEF to AIF :blush: It's a bit early/

I found these interesting statistics in the Perthshire Advertiser Saturday 29/5/1915

Australian Troops-Ages-Records and Religion

The majority of the men comprising the Australian Expeditionary Forces are Australian born. Very interesting statistics have been published concerning the First Australian Division, First Australian Light Horse, and the and the Tenth Army Service Corps. It is shown that the majority of the troops are aged from 25-40. The First Australian Division comprises 631 officers and 17,305 men, and the First Australian Light Horse Brigade, 96 officers and 1858 men-a total of 19,890 men and officers. Of these men 8.58% of the officers and 20.39% of the rank and file are under 21 years of age; 23.29% of the officers and 36.22% of the men are between 21 and 25 years of age; 54.74% of the officers and 42.22% of the men are between 25 and 40 years of age; and 13.55% of the officers and 1.16% of the men are over 40 years of age.

The statistics show that 64.44% of the officers and 89.30% of the men are single, or widowers without children; 25.89% of the officers and 7.47% of the men are married, or widowers without children; and 9.67% of the officers and 3.22% of the rank and file are married and without children; so that the single men are strongly in the majority.

As regards religion the Protestants show a following of 92.78% of officers and 83.00% of the men. Roman Catholics claim 5.88% of the officers and 15.29% of the men. "Others" number 1.36% of officers and 1.28% of the men.

The majority were Australian born, the figures being 82.42% of the officers and 72.86% of the men; 17.30% of the officers and 26.70% of the men were born in other parts of the Empire; and only 24% of the officers and 0.44 of the men were born in other countries outside the British sphere of government.

The figures also show that 14.08% of the officers and 34.51% of the rank and file had had no military experience; 35.97% of the officers and 24.83% of the men had seen service with the Commonwealth military forces; 9.93% of the officers and 40.57% of the men were "time expired"; and 17.72% of the officers and 7.32% of the men had seen active service previously-mostly in the Boer War.

The greater part of the men had some acquaintance with the rifle, only 6.11% of the officers and 7.03% of the men had not fired the recruits' course; 91.04% of the officers and 91.88% of the men had fired the course; and 32.64% of the officers and 52.03% of the men were first, second, or third class shots and marksmen.


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