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George Thomas Ward and Harry Ward- Any Info, Service Records appreciat


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Hi, just wondered if anyone could shed any light on two brothers I'm researching, I'd like some information of their whereabouts during the war as I presume they may have seen conflict being of age.

I have their dates of birth and place of residence in 1911 and that's all: George Thomas Ward born 12 June 1897 at 53 Chell St, Hanley, Staffordshire and Harry Ward was born 5 Jan 1899 at 53 Chell St, Hanley, Staffordshire and they both lived at 51 Cooper St, Milton situated in Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire in 1911.

They both survived the war so as I haven't been able to view their service records, if they have any, can't get any info from anywhere else.

Would greatly appreciate any information if anyone is able to help.

Kind Regards, Amy

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Hi Amy and welcome!

As they both survived the War, finding records for them isn't as simple as those that died!

If you subscribe to certain family history websites, it may be possible to locate using the Medal Index Cards (assuming you have some Army/Navy/RFC service details).

A small percentage of Service Records have also survived and you may be extraordinarily lucky to find a set with an address that may match.

In all probability, they returned to their homes and shortly thereafter may have married, so the Marriage records for Hanley or nearby towns/villages may produce some potential candidates.

Trade and telephone directories, Electoral Rolls may also provide some clues, as will subsequent births if you know the maiden name(s) of their spouses.

Presumably you have come across their names from your own family research, so asking around may produce a little more information about their subsequent lives.

Sad though it seems, checking for Deaths of those or similar names (was Harry a Henry, Harold or anything else?) may give you an end location from which to try and work back, especially if any Will or Obituary Notices show Next of Kin names or other details.

Your local library will be a good place to start, as you can freely access Ancestry by booking time at the library and seeing where that takes you.

At some point it may be necessary to consider a visit to the Hanley library and area to see if local War Memorials may have other Ward names that could be relatives, and another trail to follow!

Good luck!

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Is this George Thomas, aint got a pic of Harry but he might be in the Weeekly Sentinel during 1916 see attached dates, hope helps Geoff

WARD PTE H 02-Sep 1916 6



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