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Hi Folks

I wasn't sure where to post this but I'm looking for suggestions on researching the men that survived the Great War.

The objective is to have a database that people can search by name, location, regiment and such for Ibstock and 10 surrounding villages. So far Llew has sorted me out with the AVL for each and I've trawled through the WW1 service and pension records on Find My Past and Ancestry (plus the SDGW and Geoffs Search Engine).

The local newspaper featured lots of stories from the front so I'll be trawling through them at some point to pick through names and regiments. I know I must be missing some sources as both of my grandfathers are yet to appear and I know the Medal Rolls are comprehensive but they only work when I have a name to work with.

I'd like to hear what experience others have had tracing survivors and what sources I've missed.


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My site (see footer) started off with details of Prescot casualties, but I also wanted somewhere to record what I termed "Also Served", men such as my grandfather who came home fromt the war.

6 years after launch, there are now over 300 casualties and 200+ Also Served on the site.

In addition to the records held on Ancestry, I also used the local newspapers for details of men who survived. Then

- the parish magazine which would often run stories about men who had written home

- the magazine of the big Wire Works in town which also reported on the actions of its employees at the front

- look for work place memorials which often record those who served as well as those who died, e.g. http://prescot-rollofhonour.info/efd_roh

- strangely, I found that looking at burial records for the post war period of men in their 20's who died at home turned up a few who had served

- eventually, I transcribed the 1911 census and started looking at men "of a certain age" on that census - easy enough with uncommon names to find a match in Medal Cards, etc., but not an easy exercise !!

Now in addition to the 200+ mentioned earlier, I have a list of over 400 names which I am (very slowly) working through, adding them to the database/webssite as and when I find that they served

But I would expect that I will never have a comprehensive database of all the men who served - so I just aim to tell as many stories as I can

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