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I've searched various sites that have / publish military service records for individuals. Through these sites, I've found the Medal Cards for the two relatives I was searching. That said, there were no further hits. I suspect my next avenue is to pay for service of Kew files. Since many WW1 records were destroyed / burnt over years, WW2, what are odds that any search would be fruitful?

Can any member recommend search services they've used and were successful / increase odds of finding more?

Besides name, rank, number, regiment and other personal identifiers, what else would I need to provide to make search efficient?

I reside in US, so my searching Kew directly is not feasible in the foreseeable future. I hope to receive firsthand guidance / warnings of gotchas to improve odds of my search investment returning something usable and new.

Thanks in advance,



Enlistments in Royal Irish Rifles, 1914 ~ 1915

Enlistments (1914) & Service War Diary (1915 ~ 1917) 6Bn South Lancashire Regiment

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Unless a man served on after 1920 then all surviving service records are available on FindMyPast and Ancesty (excluding officers)

Who are the men you're after ?


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