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Remembered Today:

L/Bdr. Ernest George Fisher MM - RGA


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I would appreciate any info on this man who served with 303rd and 319th Siege Batteries and post war in the Army of the Rhine with 35 Brigade.

E G fisher.pdf

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HIs service records have survived.

With 319 SB from 13/12/1916

with 170 SB from 26/5/1919

with 303 SB from 27/10/1919

He was awarded his MM 5/11/1918, when with 319 SB but the LG is dated 13/6/1916 https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/31405/page/7654 .


EDIT; Should of course read 13/6/1919 for the LG entry

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Thanks Kevin,

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