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Remembered Today:

Officer's clothing advert.

high wood

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My latest CBS find. A card advert measuring 11" x 8" sent by the firm of P.L. Millward & Co, (gent's department) to Messrs Trayner Lynn, Newark, N.B. during the Great War. It is a little tatty in places but I am very pleased that it has survived.

The illustration is numbered as follows:

1) reversible trench coat. 75/-

2) waterproof sleeping valise. 50/-

3) single breasted leather sleeve waistcoat. 22/-

4) sheepskin foot warmers. 18/- per dozen pairs.

5) leather cuirass, lined natural flannel, can be worn by officer or "tommy". 11/-

Special line similar to No 5 with tapes. 90/- per doz.

6) very special line fur cuirasses. 90/- per dozen.

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Interesting. And I like the last two items - presumably having equipped yourself with warm trenchcoat, foot-warmers, sleeping-bag etc., you will feel a little guilty about the welfare of your men, and are supposed to equip your entire platoon with fur-lined "cuirasses"


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I do love all the private purchase adverts, I can just see a subaltern showing off his new kit off to his unimpressed (and probably cold and wet) batman. I remember my Platoon commander spending a rather long time showing me his new titanium spoon, he was most proud of it! I was somewhat underwhelmed having never found a problem with my stainless steel one.

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I came across this blown up advertisement for Gamages, when I visited the regimental museum on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. No pun intented, but Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed the building, a printworks until it was taken over by the army in 1959. Unfortunately, there's no mention of a date. This advertisement, specifically targeting officers in Scottish regiments, has a great illustration of 'The "Service Trench" Coat.'



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