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Dating Bully Beef/ Tins.cans or a question for the true pedant

Joe Sweeney

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I've gone off on true deep dive into the study of 100 year old garbage and how to tell it is in fact 100 year old garbage.

I'm especially looking at how to date labels etc. particularly by patent info on the cans.

Per specifications things like preserved meat were supposed to have the month and date stamped in the tin, but that might not have happened in all contracts and deliveries.

I've found some good info on US tins/cans:

c.1900 - "Patented" or "U.S. patent" first used.

c.1900 - "Packaged by white girls only" seen on certain Midwest food products. I'd really like a can marked with that!!!

1932 - "Reg. U.S. Pat. off." (Registered with the United States Patent Office) first used.

I've gone back on some previous threads==specifically this one:


Does any one know of an tin can collector forums or when the UK started using:

Reg. G Britain, US Pat. Off. or similar label info?

Thanks in advance

Joe Sweeney

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Some of the practices of the Chicago meat packers (see Upton Sinclair and others) were so dubious that I wouldn't trust a lot of (any) information on US corned beef tins of that era

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