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William COLLINGS died 10/02/1917 - Age: 54


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Does anyone have any information regarding:

Master Mariner, William COLLINGS of the Royal Navy who died: 10/02/1917 - Age: 54 please?

I have no other information about this man other than the fact that he was initiated into a Masonic lodge in Plymouth in 1904 and therefore probably lived in that city until at least the outbreak of the Great War.

Thank you very mush indeed for any information you might be able to give.

Best wishes


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Reuben, can you get on to Find My past?

CLIP crew names index can now be searched on that site.

e.g. In 1913 he was the Master of the Flying Foam.


CLIP = Crew List Index Project.


Entry in NA:


"Ship Flying Foam, official number: 100782. When built: 1892. Registry closed: 1914."

But there is more than one Flying Foam.

In fact he was Master of the Flying Foam from 1904.

Edited by Kath
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Hi Kath,

Yes, I can.

That's very helpful. Thank you very much.

I'm still struggling to find out the circumstances of his death. He seems to have disappeared.

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Have you got his death certificate?

Should say on there.


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No. I can't find a registration of death entry.

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