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Coldstream guards, 1st battalion, 2nd company oct 29/31 1914


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Hello all. I'm going to France and Belgium to tour the battlefields and to see where my ancestors fought and died. I believe my great grandfather, Joseph Walsh 5846 of the above battalion fought and died near Geluveld somewhere between the 29th and 31st October. I would like to be as close as possible to where the experts on the forum think his unit fought on the day he and many of his countrymen died. I have looked at an old trench map but I am really not confident that I have the right place/area. I'm not good enough with computers to overlay maps unfortunately. Even if the place is now a car park, I would still like to go there and reflect for a while and know I was in the right place. Thank you for your time and help. Best regards.

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or send me a PM for a copy

Also I have a note that that some one (don't recall who) is looking for his ww1 medals

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