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Remembered Today:

Mathew Monkhouse Byers 12541 Coldstream Guards


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A distant relly, through marriage, has me a little confused.

His Pension Record has him posted to the 1st Bn 9.2.1915 and also states him wounded, GSW to the finger, 27.11.1917, which from the WD appears

to have been at Bourlon Wood. He then is posted to the 5th, 2.12.1917, for recuperation and eventually reposted to the 3rd Bn 15.4.1918 and transferred to the

Army Reserve 2.5.1919. Great, he survived. He was awarded a SWB and discharged on the aforementioned date for a GSW to the little finger.

Assuming it was the same GSW why was he reposted and considered for a SWB.

I know the 3rd Bn was transferred to GHQ Res 20 May 1918, but, it must still have been active, considering the spring offensives.

Would it have been because of the spring offensives. All hands, albeit fingerless, to the pumps, "Backs to the Wall" etc

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I don't have the war diary for the 3rd for most of 1918 so don't really know what they got up to

Something new I didnt know (or have forgotten!!) that about the 3rd being in reserve and looking as casualty lists (killed) I have cant see one in the 3rd looking at a sample for anything after April 1918

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On the 12th and 13th they where involved in an action near Arrewage in the vicinity of Merville, west of Armentieres.

Casualties 17 KIA, Wnd 84 and 267 missing.

Geoffs search engine gives casualties for April 1918 as 154 killed, predominantly on the 12th,13th and 14th.

Casualties aside, Matthew appears to have been on the route to discharge and then re-posted because of the spring offensives.

Yet he still received the SWB, or is their another explanation.

Has anyone else come across anything like this

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