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German Cemetery Restoration


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Cemeteries to be restored
Flanders’ heritage minister Geert Bourgeois has approved funding of €445,000 for the restoration and maintenance of German First World War cemeteries. The funding will be divided among the cemeteries at Langemark-Poelkapelle, Vladslo, Hooglede and Menen, all in West Flanders.

Langemark-Poelkapelle receives €211,000 for the renovation of the inside and outside of the reception block, as well as of the burial grounds. The hall of honour and the Kameradengraf – a common grave for those of the fallen who could not be identified – will be reconstructed. A group of sculptures by the German artist Emil Krieger will be returned to its original position.

The cemetery in Vladslo, now part of the city of Diksmuide, receives €150,000 for works, including a stone surface at ground level around the sculpture of the mourning parents by the German artist Käthe Kollwitz (pictured), as well as changes to make the cemetery more accessible for people with disabilities.

An additional €84,000 will be available for maintaining the appearance of all four sites, including the removal of overgrown weeds from paths and gravestones, maintenance of trees and hedges and the cleaning of buildings and gravestones

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