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George Thomas Gray RN 210801


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I am researching George Thomas Gray and I've found records for his service. This was from 1901-23. I know that he was awarded the DSM, and was mentioned in dispatches, so how do I find out where he won these awards, and on which ships he served? I would be very grateful for any help.

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From 'The Distinguished Service Medal 1914-1920' by W.H. Fevyer

The following awards have been approved for services in monitors off the Belgian coast between the 1st July and 11th November 1918

London Gazette 15.2.19 p2359

The list then includes

PO George Thomas Gray ON 210801 (Ch.)

Hope this helps

(If you have his service record, surely this lists his ships ??)



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As Graeme says, the ships he served on should be shown in his service record. If they are not you could try a google of RN actions 1/7/18 - 11/11/18,

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Thanks to you both for the reply. His service record has about 30 ships listed. I know that some of them are base ships, the Pembroke being one of these, and the last one is President ii. Anyway, thanks for your help, I'll start looking for the individual ships.

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The ships should be in order , first to last. Some will be shore based, like an army depot.

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Thanks Graeme & Johnboy,

I have now found the entry in the London Gazette. I'll look for the ship on his records, it will be easier now I have a date.

The writing is very small, so it's a bit tricky, but a lot easier now thanks to you.

Best wishes,


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