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Worthy Bull


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Help wanted please.

Researching a Great War relative, have tried regimental museums, national archives etc.

My grandfathers uncle Worthy served with Monmouthshire Regiment as Pvte 3752 ( im assuming he was 3rd Battalion as he enlisted in Abertillery), he transferred to 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers as Pvte 39838. Is there any way of finding out when he would have moved regiments. I know the 2nd Batt didnt land in France till March 1916. Is there anyway of telling from his Mon number 3752 when he originally enlisted. Any advice gratefully received.

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What was his first name?

The only MIC to a Worthy in the Monmouthshire Regiment is Albert Worthy, who has different number.



Misread original title. His name was Worthy Bull

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Martin. A bit out of sync if I may, his first name is Worthy , strange name never come across it before. Ralph.

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Worthy Bull

Birth Place:

Bedwellty, Mon

Death Date:

11 Apr 1918

Death Location:

France & Flanders

Enlistment Location:





South Wales Borderers


2nd Battalion



Type of Casualty:

Killed in action

Theatre of War:

Western European Theatre


Formerly 3752, Monmouthshire Regt

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Yes sorry I should have made it clear that his name was Worthy Bull.

Ive managed to track down all above info about him but have had no luck with finding service record or soldiers will. From reading 2nd Batt diary it looks like he was killed in the Battle of Estaires and is commemorated on Ploegstreet Memorial. Im just curious as to when he first went to Western Front with the Mons and when he transferred to SWB. I know they would have taken massive casualties on the Somme so am still reading War diary to see if any Mon Reg transfered over.

Do you think it would help if I could track down soldiers with close service numbers. Thanks

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Sorry can't find any reference yet to a specific battalion of the Monmouthshire Regiment.


- Private 39838 - 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers - died 11th April 1918 at Estaires, France - age 25 - resident of Clynderwen, Beaufort, Ebbw Vale; only son of Henry and Kate Adelaide Bull of Clynderwen House, Beaufort, Ebbw Vale - commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium - memorial reference:- Panel 5 also commemorated on a private memorial plaque at St. David’s Church, Church Crescent, Beaufort, Ebbw Vale also commemorated in the Beaufort, Ebbw Vale and Waunlwyd Districts Book of Remembrance also commemorated on the St. Andrew’s Church Memorial, Beaufort Hill, Ebbw Vale

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Just out of curiosity how did you know about the private plaque in St Davids??, my father has told me about it I just need to get in there and have a look at it.

Any idea where I can find the Book of Remembrance you've mentioned. I now need to track down St Andrews Church, not sure if its still standing?, but great to have new info.

I've just recently visited Gwent Archives where they hold a programme for the 1919 Remembrance Day service that was held in Christchurch, Ebbw Vale, it lists all the men from Cwm, Beaufort and Ebbw Vale who gave their lives in the war. Next to Worthys name they have him dying in 1915, sad they couldnt even get that right.

Many Thanks.

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