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Grandfather's service with Tank Corps in Russia


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My grandfather, Alexander Mar Chalmers, served with the Tank Corps in the Russian Intervention, with one of the workshops. There is reference to this service in his WW2 2nd AIF enlistment papers (he emigrated to Australia in the 1930s), but I have been unable to find any British service records that confirm his service. He passed away in 1979.

Family history has it that he was awarded an Order of St Stanislau, but his medal sets are now lost.

I'd be grateful if anyone could help me research his service.



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There are two medal card to A Chalmers who served with the Tank Corps.

The first shown him as 3320413 and serving with 2nd Armd Car Coy. The number would indicate he joned the Tanks later in the war but he is not awarded a British War or Victory medal. Then with a regular soldier's service number (7870744) who served in Iraq North East Persia.

There is a third card to Alex M Chalmers which shows him the MGC (137072) which allocates him a Victory medal

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Thanks Stephen. I presume he was the third as the first two don't sound right. Those who served in Russia were awarded the War Medal and the Victory Medal, but I didn't think you could be awarded one without the other?

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He does not appear in Brough's Roll for White Russian Awards to British & Commonwealth Servicemen during the Allied Intervention in Russia 1918-1920.

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