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Wilfred Owen 'The War Poems' App


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This looks interesting -from 'Centenary News'- Has the support of the Wilfred Owen Association and Wilfred Owen's nephew Peter Owen.


New computer app to explore Wilfred Owen's First World War poetry

Twenty first century technology is being harnessed to explore the works of the poet, Wilfred Owen, in the Centenary year of the First World War.

The potential for using an app to bring Owen's vivid depiction of the Western Front to a wider audience has been identified by Ian Bennett, lecturer in film and media at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Forty five of the poet's works will be explored on the app he's designed and built. It's initially due to be launched for tablet devices in May 2014, with a smartphone version later.

Ian Bennett explained how the concept was born: "Owen was such a towering figure that it was felt that his work should be brought into a digital age. This was not to be just another rendering of his words but one that could more fully utilise the space afforded by a digital device, so audio, video, interactivity and imagery are included to bring another dimension to the work."

"So for those studying the topic or whose interest has been sparked by the forthcoming commemorative events, this app will provide a rich and engaging experience, one that will 'breathe' additional life into an already powerful and emotive set of work.".................. (Continues)


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Thanks Michael. I shall be first in line for that. I have the app that was made of Eliot's 'Waste Land' and that was really superb.

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