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Lifeguard Periscope


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I’ve seen some people post about this before, but I just wanted to bring up this piece of equipment as a full discussion as it's close to my heart!

During WWI, a 2nd Generation Duerr named Edgar invented something called the 'Lifeguard Periscope' which was promoted by the War Office for use in the trenches. It was a device that first allowed soldiers to look over the top of the trenches without putting themselves above the parapet and therefore saved thousands of lives.

During the War, addition to manufacturing jam and other preserves for the war effort, the company used their factories to manufacture the "Lifeguard" collapsible periscope for use by British troops .

The present-day Duerrs are extremely proud of their innovative ancestor and are releasing a limited-edition replica of the device to mark the Centenary and raise money for men and women in the services today.

The Lifeguard Periscope has been re-released by the Duerrs, the Manchester family who made them, to commemorate the centenary of The Great War. In memory of the soldiers who lost their lives on the front line, 100 replicas based on the original design have been made available for collectors priced £65, with postage and packaging included. 25 per cent of all sales will be donated to The Royal British Legion in support of the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving the country today.

The limited edition replicas are fully operational with reinforced frames formed by U-shaped strips to ensure they remain rigid at any point of extension. They come complete with a waterproof khaki pouch, which can be attached to a belt, as originally designed.

You can buy them on the family's website - http://www.duerrs.co.uk/mrs-duerrs-kitchen/ww1-replica/


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As in the other post - what a great initiative!!


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