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19004 Pte Henry Charles Willmott Somerset Light Infantry.


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Morning All

Is there any way of pinning down which battalion a soldier was destined to serve with from a service number?

The chap above has a date of entry into France of 6/10/15 on his MIC which is marked 8th Bn… The date does not coincide with the date of entry of the unit into France - 10/9/15.

Presumably part of a draft?

The confusion is that he died on 26/9/1916 with the 6th Service Bn SLI (SDGW and CWGC)…..

I am trying to pin down when he transferred or whether the MIC is indeed correct?

The service number seems the only way of doing this and to be honest I am now completely stumped!

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Tim . Had a look at SDGW number 19001 killed = 8th batt. 19006 killed 8th batt but 19014 killed = 6th batt. Not a lot of help really. :( Ralph

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Thanks for looking Ralph! Ratehr clutching at straws but I wonder if he was wounded at some point and when returned via the reinforcement chain wondered if he went to the 6th when it was badly in beed of rebuilding...

A working hypothesis….


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