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ACI 301: 1915


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Hello all,

My Great grandfather was discharged in March 1916 under Army Council Instruction 301; his discharge papers state 1915 as being the year for this order (this can be seen in my gallery pages).

Having spoken to a couple of guys on here (thank you "Kevrow" and Dick Flory) I have contacted the National Archives, but they have thrown a slight spanner in the works... according to them, 301 from 1915 refers...

"...to Compensation in respect of Agricultural Land Occupied for Military Purposes, Memo on Unexhausted Manurial Values"

I understand that ACI's were known as War Office Instructions prior to 1916, and I will chase this point with the NA to make sure that I asked them to look in the correct document; but assuming they did look at the correct one... can anyone shed any light on ACI/WOI 301 for 1915?

I may be wrong, and I know times were hard but I do find it very hard to believe anyone was discharged because we ran out of manure :)

Many thanks and kind regards

Chris Clark

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For 1915 ACI's which differ from AO's in that they are numbered 1 to XXX for each month, starting again at 1 for the following month. Therefore you need to also specify the correct month as well as the number and year. I suspect the NA looked at the wrong month. This sequence changed the following year. AO's were numbered continuous through all 12 months of 1915.



Edit: I see 301 ACI 1916 re discharges is already on this forum, and I suspect is the one you require.

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