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Help re 84 Bde/Grp.RGA

tony paley

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I am currently preparing a history of 84 HAG/Bde RGA from its origin in January 1917 until 1920. Although it is for family, my grandfather was the RSM. I hope to place a copy with Firepower at Woolwich. I have the unit diary, the corps heavy artillery diaries, and those diaries of btys. that served with the Group/Brigade. In addition I have visited the Firepower museum and obtained personal papers that have been deposited there that relate to the experiences of men who have served with btys.in the group. In addition I have most of the unit histories and published books related to heavy artillery. In particular Arthur Berehend's 'Nine Days' and 'As from Kemmel Hill' He was the adj. of 90 Bde.RGA, a unit that was in 3rd Army at the same time as 84 Bde.RGA.

Firstly I am interested in the origins of the following Siege Btys:- 336 SB 6'' How. 276 SB 6'' How,77SB. 8'' How and 34SB. 9.2'' How. I am ok with the 2 heavy btys. 24 HB a regular 60pdr and 152 HB(Hackney) 60 pdr. I know that many Siege Btys. have their origins in coastal Units.

Also is there any possibilty of finding details of officers who served with the Group/Bde. I have a readers ticket for the NA. the unit diary is very sparing with details of officers. the CO. throughout hostilities was Lt.Col. L.L.Hepper other than this there is only mention of one other officer transferring tothe RFC. Arthur Berehend's 'Nine days' lists a C.O. and Adjutant, signals Officer,orderly officer, attached an ASC. officer and a medical officer. Although unlikely that this information is readily to hand, if recorded at all. Any help with the above would be most welcome. I do know there are some forum pals whose help with matters concerning the 'Heavies' always makes any interesting read. Just for interest, part of my project was to trace those gunners who lost their lives whilst serving with batteries in the 84 group/Brigade. Over the past 5 years I have been able to visit most of them in the area of Ypres, Arras and just south of Arras.

Tony P

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