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Hi, I have been away from the forum for too long but am now in a position to dig again ! My interest still lies with soldiers of the KSLI, 12051 William Gregory and his brothers Samuel and Thomas. I also wonder if 6th Shropshires, Annette, ever uncovered anything on the soldiers who went AWOL on the 20/2/15, and if all the brothers were involved ?

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Hi Homeguard

I have the records of 7 men who went absent from the 6th Battalion on the 20th Feb 1915 but his brothers are not among them, there may have been others that I have not found-if 15448 Pte. Sameul Gregory is his brother then he was not involved because he was with the 7th Battalion and I can not find a Thomas Gregory.

Do you want the names of the other six men who went absent on the 20th Feb, all their papers are on-line.


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Hello Annette,

I've got 22 men listed on the Leicestershire AVL's as serving with the KSLI, the majority with a battalion and of cause residence. If they would be of any use to you then please give me a shout.



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Yes please Llew that would be great.


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  • 6 months later...

Hi there,

i dont know whether this is the right place for this or what but out of desperation im going ahead with this request...

Im looking for info any or all about Speake bros...

These were my grans bros. They served in ww1.

1. Pte. Henry (harry) Speake 1887-? SLI 9042 and 49123 MGC

2. Pte. Alfred Speake 1889- 03/1915 KSLI 9226 2nd BN Belgium

3. James A Speake 1892-?

4. Cpl Percy Speake 1893- 04/1916 RWR 4036 Mesopotamia

5. Albert Speake 1894-? KSLI

6. Thomas Speake 1902 (may be too young for ww1)

Now theres a lot of confusion around these bro:

1. Henry -- no records of him anywhere. His name is on war memorial but no confirmation of death. No plaque. He joined MGG with 49123 2nd KSLI. Another bro Albert was in same BN. Whereas H Speake transferred on 16/05/1916. Ive his medal card that states 20/12/1914.

2. Alfred Speake - served 4 years in india? In France and Jan 1915 in Yepres Belgium died 2nd mar 1915 of wounds in trenches infront of st. Eloi. Buried in Dickebusch New Mil Cemetry. Now heres something conflicting...

When he died 2 bros buried him: Percy and Henry (wreking roll of honour) & Albert and Henry (wellington journal 27th mar 1915 along)

i believe it was Albert and Henry , because percy dies in mesopotamia in almost a year and hes inducted in different regiment royal warwickshire reg from birmingham so must not be there with KSLI??

3. Cpl Percy Speake 4036 9th BN RWR Birmingham. Dies in Mesopotamia 19/04/1916. (wellington journal 22/05/1915 his pic with bro Albert and cousin Norman Speake and that Percy was with 9th RWF in Hampshire - Albert then was with 2nd KSLI in France) No grave his name is in Basra War Memorial.

When he dies 2 sons still in service...

4. James not mentioned anywhere. No newspaper. No other info at all.

5. Albert no other info anywhere. Mystery again.

6. Thomas - though was under age for ww1 but no death records elsewhere.

If anyone can find anything about any or all them. In 2012 a documentry was made by BBC but i am v.sure info wasnt enough and correct.

Please help anyone..


lynda kean

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Welcome to the Forum !

I sent you a message about adding your subject to another and maybe not getting the notice it deserves.Hope you can manage to open a new topic just for these boys !

I shall ferret around in the meantime. Already I see that Henry went into Army Reserve on 10 Mar 1919 and Albert to Class Z Reserve on 11 May 1919 so both survived the war.


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