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Seeking Info On R.N.A.S. Unit In Mesopotamia, Sept. 1915;June 1916

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sJ , Thanks again. I have (the) a complete list of RFC personnel (Incl Australians) that were inside Kut during the Siege. I am not aware that there were any RNAS personnel inside as they all had time to get out and no servicable planes were left inside. The RNAS list I produced above was more a by product of my researching so I posted it thinking it might be helpful to others ? Flight was indeed one of the sources I used for RFC. I was not intending to spend more time at the moment on RNAS if none were 'inside'. But if anyone wants more info on what I posted above I am happy to help.


There is always the possibility of a seriously injured man from the Battle of  Ctesiphon being left inside Kut in hospital, too sick to be moved,when the gates closed.



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