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William George Layton - Royal Marines Divisional Engineers


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I am researching William George Layton born Finsbury, London, on 18 April 1880. I have found out that he joined the Royal Navy in 1896 and served for 15 years before discharge having reached the rank of Able Seaman. William enlisted on 10 May 1915 with the Royal Marines Divisional Engineers and served until Dec 1916 when he was transferred to the reserve (information from the records at the National Archive).

Are there any medal rolls for Royal Marines who served in the war or any service records that I can consult?


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While researching him did you find any service numbers for him?

The Royal Marine medal rolls have very little information and only a number will identify your man.


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Looking at William Layton's on line papers, it does not state which Field Company he served in with the Royal Naval Divisional Engineers, or whether he made it all the way to Gallipoli in 1915.

The RND Engineers was made up of three Field Companies and a Divisional Signal Company. Noting that Layton's pre war trade was a Linesman, I assume he would have served with the Signal Company.

William was not transferred to the Reserve in December, 1916, he was transferred to the Royal Engineers (numbered 207522)(as mentioned by Horatio2) probably when the Army took over responsibility for the unit.
His Medal Index Card can be found on Ancestry

Hope this helps


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Thank you everyone for your replies - a great help. I wouldn't have discovered that he had transferred to the Royal Engineers.

Great to know that he survived the war (which was my suspicion) and in fact having done some further research using the births, marriages and deaths registers discovered that he fathered a child after I had been led to believe that he had died.

Thanks again.

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