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Need help with a photo of a Canadian Expeditionary Forces regimental b

Guest Connery

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Hoping someone can help provide some info on the CEF regimental band photo below.

Details known are:
- bottom right is Michael Quinn, regimental #234203
- signed up March 1916 with the 203rd Battalion in Winnipeg or possibly Brandon, Manitoba
- transferred to the 190th Battalion in October 1916
- discharged Feb 1917 because he was a minor so he never left Canada

This photo was taken between March 1916 and Feb 1917 as part of the 203rd or 190th before they went overseas.

Took the photo into the Royal Wpg Rifles regimental museum in Winnipeg, but they weren't able to help with any details. Went to the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and ordered Michael Quinn's full military record, but it contained little more than what we already know from his Attestation Paper and Discharge Certificate.

Any further info on how/where to identify any of the other gentlemen in the photo would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I have a copy of the same band marked on the back,

Band of the 181st Battalion, sent by 865594 Private Harold Parry 18th Reserve Battalion Dibgate Camp.

On my copy below the drum is written 181st Battalion Band CEF, it has the Canadian style postcard back.

If you enlarge the cap badges you can see they are definitely 181st Bn.

Sorry he doesn't identify anyone on the photo



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What a brilliant photo Connery - thanks for posting.


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