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RGA Siege batteries: 12-inch(road mounted)


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Can any RGA experts assist me, please?

What would be the ration strength of a Siege battery equipped with two 12-inch howitzers? In addition to the six Holt caterpillar tractors allocated, would the battery also have horses?

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Hello John

From War Establishments:

September 1916 Battery of 12" howitzers Mark II (Vickers)
(2 guns drawn by caterpillar tractors)

Battery: Major or Captain, Captain 2i/c, 4 Subalterns, BSM, BQMS, 4 Serjeants, 1 Wheeler, 2 Smiths, 1 Trumpeter,
4 Corporals, 6 Bombardiers, 104 Gunners, 6 Batmen.
Attached: 2 Armament Artificers AOC.
ASC workshops: Subaltern, 1 Foreman, 6 Fitters & Turners, 2 Blacksmiths, 2 Wheelers, 1 Electrician. (includes 2 Sjts, 2 Cpls)
Transport personnel: Captain, Subaltern, 4 Serjeants, 90 Drivers, 3 Batmen.

I don't have information about any horses but I think there were none - though there may have been one for the CO.


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Transport establishment for a Bty of 12in Mk II Hows Vickers (consisting of two guns drawn by caterpillar tractors) was: (pending year of war, below is Dec15)

4 x Motor Cars

9 x motor Cycles

24 x 3 Ton Lorries ( 8 for ammunition; 10 for baggage & stores; 2 for workshop; 2 for workshop stores; 2 for spares)

2 x 30cwt Lorries (workshop personnel)

13 x Cats (not six) (12 for Guns & equipment, one for spares)

95 Drivers

On top of which there was also CS wagons and water carts which were horse drawn.

Rgds Paul

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Presumably amongst the stores were all the makings for a manpowered light railway to move ammo from the offloading point to each gun.

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Thanks, one and all.

I'm doing a "turn" on my Grandad and 431(S) Bty during next month's WFA Branch Tour. It'll be at Rocquigny-Equancourt (as two men from his battery are buried there).


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