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My Grandfather was a Gunner in the R.G.A. He attested on 10 Dec 1915, Reserves 11 Dec 1915, Mobilised to 3 depot 3 Jun 1916. I Have attached

his statement of services. Can you tell me what he would have done in the AA depot, 24 AA 47 Coy, and I cannot decipher the last bit starting the 1st ?????.

Does this mean he never served abroad.

Many Regards


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If you search the forum for "anti aircraft section" you should see a number of threads that will explain what they did. In your grandfathers case "company" meant at home, whereas "section" is similar but abroad in a war theatre. The AA Depot was where he would have been trained before being posted to a company/section. The date of posting to 24 AA Coy (Leeds) was 2nd Oct 1916, but he was later posted to 47 Coy (Tynemouth) for 11 days before being posted to 1 Re-inforcing Depot. Here he would have had additional training in siege artillery before being posted abroad and joining 28th Siege Battery on the 24th Dec 1917. It is this battery that you should research.


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