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1st Australian Casaulty clearing station - Estaires


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Hi All

I see by that the 1 ACCS was located in Estaires until May 1917.

The War Diary says that they moved into the "College of Sacred Heart" and then says that they inspected the hospital. does anyone know if the CCS was in the same building or else where?

if not at Sacred Heart then where was the exact location for the CCS?

Thanks Rodg

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Hello Roger,

I've always assumed it's this site. The school was rebuilt in 1923, presumably on the same spot. Estaires was destroyed.


Estaires in flames at night, 1918


Ruined church, 1920


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Thanks B3rn.

That's seems to be the case. it looks like, from street view, that the old college buildings shell has been reused and a third story added on top.


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