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Disbandment of *th Battalion Royal Fusiliers

Dr Lesley Silvester

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My grandfather served with 8th Btn Royal Fusiliers from December 1914 until they disbanded in Feb 1918. He is listed as posted to the 10th Btn Royal Fusiliers in September 1918. Where was he likely to have been between Feb and Sep 1918?

I have been lucky to be able to download the 8th Btn War diaries which go to 11 Nov 1917 and the 10th Btn ones which cover his time there, but do not have his records, they must be among those destroyed. I was able to get some basic information from the MOD a few years ago.

This my first post to the forum and hope I will be able to help out others as well as finding more about my grandfather's war service if possible.


Dr Lesley Silvester

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Welcome to the forum.

He may have been transferred to another battalion of the RF, served with another regiment or been employed elsewhere - a lot of men left surplus after disbandments joined entrenching battalions but these were broken up shortly afterwards to provide reinforcements. He may have been wounded or incapacitated through illness during this time though this would be in his service records. He may have spent all that time in a base depot - though this is unlikely.

Can I ask the name of the gentleman in question, to aid members answering, and possibly where you have acquired this information. If the above information is from a service or pension record then the gap should be explained.

I'm sure members of the forum may be able to provide further information.

Kind regards


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He would have been posted to the 4th, 7th or 9th Royal Fusilers when the 8th was disbanded in February 1918. He is then likely to have been evacuated wounded or sick before ending up in the 10th. You can, however, track his movements from the Royal Fusiliers medal rolls. Depending on his service number, you will find the relevant roll at the National archive Kew under one of the following:

WO 329/762 - Service nos up to 7200

WO 329/763 - 7201-8263

Incidently, a few years ago I wrote a short history of the 8th Royal Fusiliers entitled Brief but Glorious.

Charles M


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He is listed as posted to the 10th Btn Royal Fusiliers in September 1918.

Where is this info from?

If you can post his name, service number and any other info such as dob place born etc it would be a great help.

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Thank you all for your replies.

His name was Jacob Irons No 10274. He was born in Ealing (London) in 1893)

As I was unable to find his service record I wrote to the MOD in 1999 and received a typewritten summary of his activities.

This states he was Posted to Depot 14.09.18, the next entry states Posted to 10th Battalion 18.09.18.

He was appointed Lance Corporal in 1916 then Corporal 23.09.18

The medal roll has his name as John (which has been scratched out) and Jacob then written in. He received the Military Medal (in Gazette of 17.06.19) but I don't know what action he was in when it was awarded. I understand I am not likely to find that out.

I saw that you had written a book, Charles and have ordered a copy and look forward to reading it.

Cheers, Lesley

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This might help


If you go The National Archives site you may find that the war diary is available to download for £3.36.

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