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A French model 1892 carbine?


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I really don't do guns, but I was intrigued by the possible history of this one advertised for sale locally. Yes, I know, I could probably find lots about it on the web, but you colleagues on GWF are much better informed!

It seems to be a French Model 1892 carbine, but what I don't get is why it is on sale here in Turkey? The Turks never used these, to the best of my knowledge, so might it be a capture? I.E., my real questions, I suppose, did the French use these at Gallipoli?

Thanks for any comments - just curious!

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The Turkish Forestry Service used Lebel Carbines in the post WWII period (I think... I have seen conversion dates in the late 40s). Lots were imported as surplus into the US in the 1990s.

The ones I have seen are in this format, but most of them were converted from 1907-15 Berthier rifles (cut down with this style of nose cap) although most retain the straight bolt. I have one myself.

The nosecap on this looks slightly different (no foresight ears, have they been ground down?)

If you do a search for Lebel Forestry Service Carbine you will see lots of examples:

EG: this one or this site


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Thank you Chris! It is, of course, advertised as an Ottoman army firearm... Rather surprised they didn't say it was a Canakkale capture as that is what is usually claimed when non-Turkish bayonets are advertised for sale over here!


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