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3rd field ambulance at Gallipoli


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Are you asking about the 3rd Australian Field Ambulance which landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 at ANZAC Beach ? If so they will have a War Diary in the Australian War Memorial archives.

The British 3 FA was in France with 1 Division and didn't serve at Gallipoli.

And was Ove an Australian soldier too ? If so the same applies about his record. No Ove's have I found in the Brit Medal Cards.

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Thanks for the reply.

Ove was in the Australian 3rd field ambulance that landed at Gallipoli on the 25 th April 1915.

He was known as O.T .M Hansen was wounded in France 1917.

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There is a unit history called The Body Snatchers by Ron Austin from his Slouch Hat Publications that you could hunt down also. Just google it.



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Thankyou so much for the help.

I have been reading the war diaries and have a much better appreciation of what my grandfather and his companions suffered through.

Ove never spoke of the war as far as I know but was cared for by my grandmother who was the matron of the Gympie hospital when they married.

I know he spent many a day in greenslopes repat hospital over the years.

I have the body snatchers book and there is a photo showing Ove on horse back.

There is mention ov him being wounded but the name is spelt Hensen not Hansen.

Thanks again.

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