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Pte. Fergus Mackain, SPTS/4299, 23rd Royal Fusiliers


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For anyone interested in WW1 postcards, the 23rd (First Sportsman's) Battalion Royal Fusiliers, or Pte. F H E Mackain - SPTS/4299, a website has been created to catalog and showcase his works.

The website is called "Fergus Mackain's Wartime Sketches", and its goal is to be an online resource for collectors and researchers interested in the wartime illustrations of Private Fergus Mackain, who served in the Royal Fusiliers during Word War 1 and created the "Sketches of Tommy's Life in France" postcards.

As well as the famous "Tommy's Life" postcards and their variants, it also covers some less well known cards and illustrations, such as the Familiar French phrasebook. A basic Timeline of Mackain's life is included, and there is a section requesting Help to plug gaps in the catalog.

If anyone has any additional knowledge of Mackain or his cards, could they kindly share on this forum or via the FMSketches website?

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