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RAF Museum to digititse records


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The RAF museum have received HLF funding for several WW1 initiatives according to a new press release:

Amongst these are:

The development of an online version of the museum-based exhibition will also include the
digitisation and wider public access to historical documents such as the Casualty Cards,
Casualty Forms and Muster Roll, that tell the story of the men and women of the Royal
Flying Corps and Royal Air Force. This will be of particular interest to genealogists and
family historians.

Casualty Card, Muster Roll
The 215,412 records contained in the Muster Roll and Air Force List of 1918 provide a unique snapshot of the RAF upon its formation. They cover all ranks and professions and giving a complete picture of the service that is impossible to replicate for any other point in its history.

86,459 Casualty Cards and Forms record the deaths, injuries and illnesses suffered by RFC and RAF. These records, detailing deaths of and injuries sustained by members of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force between 1915 and 1922.
The Casualty Forms which require conservation action, and digitisation. They are currently a largely untapped source of information, primarily because the fragile state of the records means that handling would cause serious damage. They are therefore a vital new piece of the jigsaw for family historians and genealogists tracing the lives of those who served in the air services

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Is this Muster Roll for 1918 different from the Muster Roll for 1918 that FMP has digitized on their website?

Casualty forms sound good. Be great if they could get the medal rolls online as well.

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I would be interested to know if the Casualty Cards and Forms contain any information about an air accident at Cranwell in October 1918. Are there many records dating that far back.

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I have used these Casualty Cards and Casualty Forms, held at the RAF Museum, on a number of occasions to complete various research projects.

For the interest of those who have not seen these items, here are examples relating to 2nd Lieutenant Alan Hughes Fenton, 43rd Squadron.






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