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Ship names help required


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Just looking for very basic information (destroyer, battleship etc) on the following 2 ship names.

HMS Menelaus and HMS Palavian

They are mentioned in the local paper from 1916.

I can't seem to find anything via Google so perhaps they are not quite the correct spelling?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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Details of Menelaus here:


Palavian could possibly be HMS Paladin was an 'M' Class Destroyer in commission 1916 - 1921


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For Menelaus suggest you read HMS MENELAUS

Air Service Kite Balloon Ship

Pendant Y4.21 Tonnage 4672 Year 1895

Commissioned as KBS 5.5.15- 7.6.17

Dover 1915-16

Scapa 1916-17

Red Ensign Charter as Store Carrier Y8.138

Troop Ship 0.6.17 - 0.12.19

For PALAVIAN suggest PALADIN or Parthian ???


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Thanks Dave & sadsac,

That has sorted out Menelaus, and Paladin sounds very likely too.

Any other ideas about Paladian are welcome though.


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BillyH. Here details PALADIN ; `P' Class Destroyer

Pennant No. G.69 Built ; Clydebank 11.06.1941 Scrapped ; Dunston 25.10.1962

served Med & Far East waters.

Displacement ; 1450 tons

Dimensions ; 338½ (pp) 345 (oa) x 35 x 9 Ft

Machinery ; 2-shaft-geared turbines, SHP 40000 = 36½

Armament ; 4-4.7 in. (4 x 1) 4-2 Pdr AA (1 x 4) 8-20 mm AA (4-2) guns 8-21 in (2 x 4) TT

Complement ; 175

Award to crew of PALADIN ;

SMITH Ralph C N/E Lt. RN 85U069 Paladin

Rear Admiral Buncrana 08.03.18 G 2nd T.B. Destroyers - Awards to 31.12.17 DSC

Served with much zeal and ability throughout the year and displayed great coolness and initiative when an accident occurred to H.M.S. "Brisk" on the 2nd October, 1917. He took charge of the ship and arranged for the care and transport of the wounded, and sent the whaler to search for survivors as soon as he had ascertained that the ship was safe.


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Suggest that you have a look in Naval-history.net web site, follow the link below, it gives Paladin two references>

PALADIN, hired rescue tug, W.68 (1.18). Built 1913, 326grt. In service 17.11.14-31.1.19, BDV before 1917, renamed PALADIN II 1917.

PALADIN, destroyer, Admiralty M-class, ordered 2.15, G.40 (9.15), F.18 (1.17), F.14 (1.18), G.73 (4.18), D.1A (11.18). Launched 27.3.16 Scotts. c1025 tons, 274(oa), 265(pp)x26x9ft. Turbine 25000shp, 34kts. Armament: 3-4in, 1-2pdr, 4-21in tt. Sold 9.5.21 Ward, Rainham.




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Thanks to sadsac & Graham,

The HMS Paladin in post # 5 is WW2 though, so I am going with the Paladin in post # 6.

The Navy continually re-use ship's names, and try to keep hold of the old ship's bell wherever possible. I know that the modern H.M.S. Ocean (built late 90's) was fitted with the original ship's bell from the previous HMS Ocean (c.1950's). Quite a nice touch of tradition.


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