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Mark V* tank? any clues as to unit


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I don't have a definitive list but I know that 15 Bn had lots of 95** serial numbered tanks. 9540 was a Mk V* Male called Onslaught and 9580 was a Mk V* Male called Oppossum.

Looks like a Male in the photogrpah, not a Female as captioned.

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I agree that it is a male.

Ernie Powell, who is the crewman rear right, served with D Battalion in 1917 but ended the war at Fontainebleu.

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Mark V*s are numbered 9501 - 9700, 9751 - 9950 and 10001 - 10300. So all tanks numbered 95** are Mark V*s, and consequently any battalion equipped with Mark V*s would probably have a fair smattering of tanks with numbers in that sequence. Unfortunately I have come aross no records that tell me which unit this tank served with, yet.


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