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RFA Base Depots in France


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I am trying to build up a picture of the locations of the base depots used by the RFA in France - and whether what I have on occasion seen referred to as "Xth Army Pool" maps onto any particular base depot.

All information welcomed.

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My information is a bit sketchy, but I've had a quick look at the War Diary for 106 Brigade RFA (my grandfather's outfit) and I have found two vague references to a No. 2 General Base Depot in October/November 1915. Unfortunately there is no indication as to exactly where this base depot might have been.

As far as I can tell there isn't very much specific information contained within the War Diary re. the various base depots between 1915 and 1918, but in March 1919 there is a reference to No. 4 Base Remount Depot at Boulogne, and also to other unspecified remount depots at Havre and Rouen.

Sorry it's a bit vague but hopefully every little helps...


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Hello Chris

According to Edmonds' Official History, 1916 Volume I, No.2 General Base Depot handled RHA and RFA reinforcements from June 1916. It was located at Havre.

In August 1914 a small General BD was mobilised for each division, handling all reinforcements other than infantry. By June 1916 it appears that these depots had been consolidated into larger depots specific to each branch of service. No.1 GBD, also at Havre, served the RGA.


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