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I have been give a photo of the JNCOs of the 23rd Reserve Battery R.F.A. taken in the UK in May 1917.

I will post a copy of the photo shortly but in the meantime can any Gunner expert tell me anything about this unit ?



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I believe one of the 3 reserve batteries within

4B Reserve Brigade [22, 23 and 24 Reserve Batteries] stationed at Boyton, Wilts; a new Reserve unit created early in the war for training purposes and administering wounding/sick soldiers back from the front.. a LOT of men will have passed through it during the war

the Brigade was perhaps commanded by Lt Col G H Geddes in may 1917.. the Battery by either Major H M Brunker, Major J A Henderson or Major H G Thomson [the 3 Majors listed in the Army List May 1917]


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