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Identify battles taken part in?


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I'm trying to find out what battles my grandfather may have taken part in.

He was in the Royal Field Artillery, and at the outbreak of war he was in the 16th Division Ammunition Column as a driver (later moved to the Motor Ambulance Convoy)

According to his Medal Roll he started active service in France on 3 September 1915. In November 1915 he was admited to Station Hospital No.6 (location unclear) and later that month was admitted to No.2 General Base Depot, La Harve, France.

I wonder if anybody might be able to shed light on any possible locations he may have been during the early days of the war? There is little information available for 16/17 so I don't think I'll ever be able to find out where he was during this time, but perhaps might be able to find out a bit more about 1915?

Any help enormously appreciated!


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If I've correctly read the divisional summary page, on the Long, Long Trail site, the 16th Division did not go overseas until December 1915. It therefore gets a bit tricky if he was overseas in the September. LLT indicates the original Ammunition Column left the Division in August 1915, joining the Guards Division, being replaced by a new Column in February 1916. I'd suggest the practical way forward would be to search the National Archives catalogue to see if you can track down the war diary or diaries for the period. This will be the document you need in any case to find out the history.

You note that he was hospitalised in the November. Did this information come from his service file or another source. If the former, then it may have indicated if he returned to that DAC or was posted to another unit. Whichever it was, then you should be able to track the 1916/17 stuff also form the relevent war diary.


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Thanks John, I'll try and track down any relevant war diaries.

Incidently, I know he also served in the 4 Motor Ambulance Convoy, and there is a file in the National Archives - http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/details/C7349776?descriptiontype=Full&ref=WO+95/340/item

There isn't much information on the NA page, what documentation could this file hold?


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Exact date of entry into France for your soldier is the same as the Guards Amm Col arrived in France,so ties in with 16 Div Amm Col transferred to Guards Div.

Station Hospital No 6 will be Stationary Hospital No 6 which was based in Le Havre from Aug 1914 to May 1916,before moving off to Frevent from Jun 1916 to Aug 1918 (so much for the title Stationary Hospital ! It moved twice more after that ).

No 2 General Base Depot is likely to be a holding Depot for troops pending their allocation or return to units.

The Long Long Trail has a page for the Guards Division movements:


What you may need to find out is when he went to the 4 Motor Ambulance Convoy. A read of the Diary you quote may just mention his arrival.

The Diary gives where the ambulance was based,where it goes each day what it picks up and where it delivers. I read such a Diary last month and the MAC was based at a place called


Guards Div Am Col Diary = http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/Details?uri=C7351814

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Thank you for the link to the Guards Div diary, I shall order a copy of that!

It's a shame the MAC diary hasn't been digitised yet, Kew is just too far to visit! I notice on the NA site that it can be copied though for a cost, has anybody done this before, I assume this is quite expensive?

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