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Horseshoe Hill


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A long shot, but worth a try....

I'm currently in Salonika and heading up to Lake Dojran shortly. I've spent the last couple of days trying to pin-point Horseshoe Hill, the location of the death of my great Uncle Arthur Lawson. Try as I might, the combination of trench maps and google earth has completely confused me when trying to identify this location.

If anybody with any knowledge of the area could give me some kind of assistance here I would be most grateful.

Many thanks


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Hi Alistair,

Horseshoe Hill is at 41.165425 22.682580 on GE, BUT... it's slap-bang on the Greek-FYROM border and you're liable to get arrested if you go wandering up there on the Greek side

without a Greek military escort.

The closest you can get safely is the village of Korona/Κορώνα (then Krastali), about 3/4 mile west. But if you start cutting across country fom there (as certain members of the Salonika Campaign Society will attest!), the border police will swoop very quickly and detain you until they can summon the army away from their coffee to decide how to shoot deal with with you :)

Are you planning to cross into FYROM? I know some very good guides over there with connections in the FYROM military, who might be able to get you a bit (but not much) closer from the other side, but such things need planning in advance! And it's a half-day's hike across difficult country from Star-Dojran.

When do you leave for Doirani? If you're still in Salonika tonight and fancy a quick drinkie & a chat, give me call! +30 6992 961335 (mobile), +30 2310 417402 (landline)


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Apologies for hijacking your thread, but will you be anywhere near the site of the Roche Noire salient? My great uncle died there 1st september 1918 with the 2nd gloucestershires and I'd be interested to see some photos of the area if that's possible.

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JP. I'm sorry, but I've not been able to locate Roche Noire salient. I only had limited time up by Dojran, and am now back in Thessaloniki.

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