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69 siege battery


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Does anyone have any knowledge of 69 siege battery? My grandfather I believe served with them and I would like to know the battles in which he fought. He caught typhoid and was invalided home. His medal record states RGA 134B 3397 which someone told me was 69 siege battery. Is the war diary informative? Many thanks.

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The RGA 134B 3397 is a ref to the original Medal Roll which is filed at the National Archives.

A name would be helpful,and would assist in unlocking some details.

The War Diary is of use in knowing where the unit fought and is not hot on mentioning soldiers' names,so if your GF was not an Officer it might be difficult to know when he became sick and was moved off the strength of the unit.

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Thank you. His name was Wilfrid Chinn and his service number was 69691. He wasn't an officer, apparently he wanted to stay with his friends! I don't have any more detail but I thought that looking at the war diary might tell me where he saw action.

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