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1 Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment


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my Great-uncle Karl Krentel (Hannoversches Jägerbataillon 10) participated Christmas Truce near Warneton and I guess their opponent was the 1 Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Does anybody possess the War Diary or can tell other facts of this event in Flandres?

Your replies are very welcome.

Kind regards


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There are two first rate eyewitness accounts of the truce by members of 1st Royal Warwicks: in 'Bullets and Billets' by the cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather (Machine Gun Officer) and the diary of Captain Robert Hamilton edited by his grandson Andrew Hamilton and Alan Reed, published as 'Meet at Dawn, Unarmed' (Dene House Publishers 2009). Bairnsfather, creator of the immortal 'Old Bill' character, produced illustrations of the truce. My great-uncle Private Jack Hone, a pre-war regular soldier, was a member of the battalion at the time of the truce. He was killed three weeks before the end of the war.

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Thank you , Mark. A good start. "Bullets and Billets" is available by Guttenberg Projekt. "Meet at Dawn, Unarmed" at Amazon (22 GBP or so).

Hoping for more.

By the way, my Great-uncle was killed in July 1918 too.


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