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GRONI - BMD Records now online.


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Just a heads up for those searching for men born in the North of Ireland, the General Records Office of NI has now launched its online records service.

You can now search for births 1864-1914, marriages 1845-1939 and deaths 1864-1964. (100, 75 & 50 years old)

To view the full certificate costs £2 but there are cheaper options for viewing part of the information contained on them. The usual cost of a bmd certificate in NI is £15.



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Mick, it seems very useful to me, thanks for posting.

Have not bought any credits yet, have you use it yet? and do you know if you can print the Certs?


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Hello Walter,

Iv'e used it already and it's had a few teething problems but I managed to find a few people that I've been chasing for ages and at £2 its a lot cheaper than the paper certificates. You can search and view the basic results for free.

Officially they won't allow you to save, print or screenshot the images but if you have windows you can use the 'snipping tool' to make a copy of them. (Though obviously that's against their terms of service)


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It's a little fussy re date ranges, e.g. a five year limit criterion applies in the search feature, which is fine for DOB ranges but is painful if you don't know whether the chap died in the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s.

Overall though I'm broadly happy with it, e.g. I had written previously about the Belfast ace Robert McLaughlin being the son of Hugh McLaughlin and Agnes McLaughlin (née Carrick) and that his father died when he was young, but I was a little unsure re some of the time-frames. However, I've been able to confirm the details for just 2 credits (or about €1).

It should prove to be a good resource to military researchers as it will be for family genealogists.

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