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American Ambulance Service and 84th ID.


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:poppy: Hello all, this is my very first post so I may not be as "forum literate" as others! :poppy:

My ancestors (that I know of) served in the Ambulance Service (Ambulance Driver) and the 84th ID. Any info on these two units would be greatly appreciated.

The fellow that was in the Ambulance Service was in Chateau-Thierry. The lad in the 84th ID died in Bordogne, if that helps at all.

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If you can give their names ages where from etc you will probably get a better response.



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Ambulance Service serviceman name: John F. Rake

84th ID serviceman name: Walter G. Knoch

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From Ancestry

US 84th Infantry Division, the Rail Splitters - Roster?

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new.gifRe: US 84th Infantry Division, the Rail Splitters - Roster?
Posted: 5 Jan 2012 10:36AM
Classification: Query
The US National Archives has records for the WWI divisions at their location in College Park, MD. At their web site select Search ARC - Archival Research Catalog


put 301641 in the search box - this is the ID number for the catalog description of "Records of Divisions". When you locate the description click on the tab "Archived Copies" - that describes the number of boxes in the collection - about 5,000. Then click on the "View Container List" which lists specific boxes for each division

Box 1: 84th Division: 10.3 -- 51.3
Box 2: 84th Division: 51.3 - 66.1 -- 327th Arty. Regt.
Box 3: 84th Division: 309th Train Hdqrs. & Mil. Police -- 309th Field Signal Bn.

NOTE - this container lists has only the boxes labeled HISTORY - There are more boxes than are listed - You could email the National Archives and see if they will let you know how many boxes in total for the 84th Division.
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Yes, these are both A.E.F. units. Thanks for your help Johnboy!

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Have you checked the history of the USAAS?

An online search will probably provide lots of clues but you could start here

Do you know if Rake was an AFS or Norton-Harjes volunteer who was brought in to the USAAS when the volunteer organizations were militarized or if he was a draftee?

I have AFS rosters and will search them for you

Knoch is not buried in an ABMC cemetery which suggests his remains were repatriated so do you know where he was buried? Was Rake also a casualty or did he survive? I cannot find him listed in the ABMC database either.

I can provide you with a potted history of the 84th Div if it would be of interest (where they mustered, trained, when they shipped over etc) or you could consult the AEF order of battle.

Which states did they come from -- this is often a good place to start?

When I get back to my sources I may be able to provide more!


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84th ("lincoln") National Army Div organized at Camp Taylor Ky

Draftees from IL IA KY

Div up to strength by August 1918

Moved to Camp Mills and then to embarkation ports in NY and Quebec

Aug 27th 1918 Advance detachment sailed from NY

Oct 25th 1918 last units landed in Liverpool (Div shipped though Liverpool and Glasgow and then proceeded to LeHavre and Cherbourg)

Div was made up of

167 (333, 334 inf 326 MG), 168 Inf Brigades(335,336, 327 MG) and 159 FA Brigade(325,326,327 FA and 309 TM)

Div troops 325 MGB and 309 Eng and 309 Signals/ammo train, supply train, engineer train , sanitary train.

Sept 13 Div moved to West Perigeux for training (artillery went to Camp de Souge)

Oct 3 Div skeletonized

Oct 9 10,000 men transferred to 1 Depot Div as replacements (going to make it hard to track a man here)

Oct 29 Div reduced to Cadre strenght and moved to Le Mans

Last element returned ot NY July 18 1919

Div did not see action as a division but obviously many of the 10000 men did attached to other units.


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