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Chiseldon, Wiltshire: The Bad Boys’ Camp


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More general info about Chiseldon Camp here:



and on this previous thread:


One of the men that I am researching was born in the village and worked at the camp post WW1 after his discharge from the Army as a result of wounds received.

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My maternal granddad was - ahem - troubled with gonorrhea that was contracted during his WW1 service, which is how I managed to find that webpage. He picked it up in England when at 'WK' before boarding ship for Egypt in 1917! I guess he never got the message that "Flies spread diseases so keep yours' buttoned". The affliction (by all that I have read not a nice one!) did recur when he was there and after two periods of treatment he was sent back to the UK, but apparently missed the Chiseldon experience and went on to further service (at 'home') for the 'duration'. I am certain that there is a thread somewhere on GBF on this subject, which I will try and track down another time. For now, I'll just say that although he may well have never fired a shot in anger, or ever used in the field his skills as a 'Trained bomber', the crafty so-and-so did enough overseas to claim and be awarded the appropriate medals!


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