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Help with Military Medal & Bar Citation - 280th Brigade RFA


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Can anyone please help me with information on the following soldier, in particular his acts of bravery that produced the M.M. and later the Bar?

His name is John Richard Philipps (Phillipps has also been used) No. 52008 93rd Battery 280th Brigade - the M.M. was gazetted on 14th August 1917 and the Bar on the 30th Oct/2nd Nov 1917. I have both of the Gazettes.

At the National Archives I found the War Diaries of the 280th Brigade all very nice too - except that July, Aug and September 1917 were missing!!!!!

I know that they were in Heninel/St.Martin (near Arras) in June 1917 and Beaumetz in October 17. Where were they in between and how did JRP earn his MM etc?

The Bar to the MM in particular, is not an everyday occurrence,so has anyone out there information on John Richard Philipps that will fill in the blanks?? I have attached his M.M. MIC. He was a Fulham man.

Thanks and regards

Graham Morley


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The Military Medal does not give reasons gave for, The only place that might give it is War Diary or local paper. Hit and miss with MM

Is this same War Diary you got?


Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. No - the WD you linked to is the 93rd Royal Garrison Artillery. Mine was the Royal Field Artillery.

Thanks and regards.


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As noted above citations for the MM have not survived however there is mention of a list on this earlier thread



Hi Ken,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I know the Citations have all gone, hence my scrabbling around trying to find something. I am in contact with the previous thread you mention and I'll see where it goes.

Thanks and regards.


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They are not all gone - I think the Tank corps survived ?

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