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Le dépôt de munitions de Vimy


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13/4/2001 Le dépôt de munitions de Vimy (2 min 6 sec)

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" Report. The ammunition depot Vimy was established in 1967 and contained up to 650 tons of ammunition. In 1997, Jean Pierre Chevènement decided to evacuate first. But this operation has clearly not made ​​as quickly as souhaitée.En alternately comment on factual images and moving ammunition, archive footage of the bombing of the first World War (ECPA + Gaumont) and demining 1998, interview with historian Marc Ferro about chemical weapons [source: France Prompter 2] -. Vimy This site was created in August 67 ... it contained up to 650 tons of ammunition ... and was 97 Jean Pierre CHEVENEMENT decided to evacuate first. Evacuation which obviously does not happen as fast as you want ... Olivier Carow. "


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I remember this. The unexploded ammunition dump (or at least the gas shells amongst them) at Vimy was moved to a new purpose-built facility at Camp Sissone in Champagene. The gas shells were considered to be in a particularly dangerous state, too hazardous to be handled. The process at the new plant neutralized them by dissolving them in acid. The A26 autoroute between Vimy and Champagne was closed to all other traffic whilst the deadly cargo was shifted.

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