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18th Div RFA 83rd Brigade armaments 1917-8


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Can anyone help me with what sort of weapons the 83rd Bde of the 18th Div RFA were using late 1917-1918?

I have little idea of how an artillery Brigade was organised - whether some had, for example, 9.2 inch howitzers for counter battery work, and some had more mobile guns; or if each Brigade had a spread of weapons?

My grandfather was a chaplain attached to the 83rd Brigade from 1917-1918, when he resigned his chaplaincy in order to join up as an officer with the Brigade. He was sent to England for training in july 1918, and by the time his training was done, the war was over.

I'm interested in getting an idea of what weapons he was involved with, and how they would have been deployed.

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By 1917 RFA brigades were normally organised into three batteries (usually A, B & C but could be a number) each equipped with 6 x 18 Pounders plus 'D' Battery equipped with 6 x 4.5 Howitzers.


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RFA had nothing larger than 4.5-in How, mixed brigades (3 x 18prm, 1 x 4.5) were introduced in 1916, however even in Nov 1918 there were still a few RFA bdes with 18-pr only. Larger calibres were RGA.

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