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Lawrence Titterton - Tank Corps


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Hi everyone,

Not been on here in a while.

I am looking to start researching my great granddad. His name was Lawrence Leslie Titterton. I had a quick scan through the MIC's and could only find 1 "Lawrence Titterton" so I can assume this is him. His number is given as 316988 and showing as "Tank Corps".

I don't have any other information at all and never having dealt with the Tank Corps before I was wondering if anyone had any information on this unit or had come across his name before? Date of enrolment, places he was likely to have been etc


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His serial number would indicate that he joined the tanks in the latter part of the war.

By early 1918, eleven tank battalthere were in France and they were increasingly effective as they were used to support the Allied advance from August 1918. That said, they also lost a large number of men in the final stages of the war.

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Lawrence Leslie Titterton

Hi. I have found the attached picture of him (chap on the far right with the cigarette). Unfortunately I don't know anything else about this picture and there's no detail written on it. Printed it says "1893" but this is impossible since my great granddad wasn't born until 1895.

Any help at all in identifying the unit, or which unit of the tank corps Lawrence served in, would be greatly appreciated.


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I think 1893 is the image reference number.

The photo was taken by A Worsnop of 32 Norwood Avenue in Shipley. I have found reference to the firm taking over images of soldiers at Clipstone Camp - this might be a possible

There seem to be few cap-badges on display and no tank corps arm badges either.

Possibly a picture taken before he joined the tanks

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