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9th Gloucestershires Sept-Oct 1915 diary


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I'm trying to decipher the diary for the 9th Gloucestershires for Sept-Oct 1915, and haven't got my eye in yet. Could anyone please help me with a few words? (I've attached the relevant lines, rather than post up the whole document)


Line 1 - "Embarking on the R.M.S ????" (RMS Queen?)

Line 2 - "The battalion entrained for Boulogne for (Salneaux?) from thence it marched into ????"

Line 3 - "On the 29th inst the battalion marched to (Bronfay?) to relieve the Queen Victoria Rifles, the transport remaining at Bray-sur-Somme. A & C coys were accommodated in dug outs in Billon Wood & B & D coys at ????

Thanks in advance!

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That's what I thought, but that appears to be the end of the sentence:-


"...RMS Queen. Here the battalion was joined by..." ?

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Yes I believe so, however I'm more interested in the place names in order to try and narrow down my great uncle's movements.

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Line 1 - ' Queen '

Line 2 - ' Saleaux ' (SW of Amiens) and ' Ferrieres ' (W of Amiens)

Line 3 - ' Bronfay ' and ' Carnoy ' not 100 % sure yet.

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Could it be this ship:


Also, is this a different ship to the one above?


Lastly, it might be a long shot, but could it be a kind of diminutive of "Mona's Queen"? I have come across this steamer taking men across a number of times.

*Edit: On second thoughts, a diminutive probably very unlikely in a war diary.



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Thanks Chris - great information!

My money's on SS The Queen, as opposed to SS Queen. According to your link, SS The Queen ferried between Folkestone and Boulogne, which is the route the 9th Gloucestershires took.

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