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Franklin Brothers Killed in War Same Day? Another brother?


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Morning just reading brothers died section, 13th Oct 15 I have 3 Franklin Bros that were killed during the war Edward Harry and Charles. The brothers section states Albert but I believe this might be an error. If it isnt then it is another family of four killed. Albert is a bit of a mystery man. My parish magazine states that Mrs Franklin was trying to get Charles bought home when the Kaiser battle began on MArch 21st, He was about to be bought home. Any ideas on this Albert? Im sure he was living in Scunthorpe, with another in New Holland. Mine are all Barton. The census shows no Albert either.

Cheers Sean http://bartononhumberatwar.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-attack-on-hohenzollern-redoubt-13th.html?showComment=1390986072215#c7865383872480259707

Having said that there is just one numbers difference between Albert and Edward 3191 and 3190...I think they might be cousins not brothers

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Yes it looks like misinformation here, Albert Franklin born at Barton is the son of Arthur Geo Franklin 19 in 1911 born at Barton but living at Scunthorpe whereas Edward Franklin of Barton is the son of Andrew and Sarah Franklin . The mistake may arise from the regimental number being so close together. 3090 and 3091. Most likely theyre cousins as A G was born at South Ferriby up the road from Barton.

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Albert 3190 and Edward 3191 are not brothers and as far as I am aware not related. Franklin was a common name in Barton at the turn of the century, Edward is my maternal Grandfather and although he had three brothers two in the army and one in the Navy they were killed at a later date and not on 13th October 1915. As I said Edward was my maternal Grandfather and his daughter Ivy my mother who is at the time of writing this still alive at 103 confirms that this Albert is no relation as far as she is aware and certainly not her fathers brother.

Bob Lawe 23rd August 2014 Hull

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Blimey that is brilliant info. Have you see nthe news excerts on my blog site Bob their memory is very much alive I have some fantastic shot of Harry and Charles

Best wishes Sean

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